Questions relating to the use of the WRF Post Processor V3


Postby john » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:36 pm

I am running WPPV3 and am getting an error when running wrfpost.exe of:

forrtl: error (72): floating overflow
Image PC Routine Line Source
libpthread.so.0 00000035C7C0DE80 Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrfpost.exe 00000000019076FC Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrfpost.exe 000000000049618D frzlvl_ 109 FRZLVL.f
wrfpost.exe 00000000004D4C9C miscln_ 409 MISCLN.f
wrfpost.exe 0000000000515E13 process_ 110 PROCESS.f
wrfpost.exe 000000000054CBAA MAIN__ 447 WRFPOST.f
wrfpost.exe 0000000000457E42 Unknown Unknown Unknown
libc.so.6 00000035C701D8B4 Unknown Unknown Unknown
wrfpost.exe 0000000000457D69 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Any solutions to the problem
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