WRFDA 3.8 4DVAR Compile Problem

Setting up the 3DVAR package within WRF.

WRFDA 3.8 4DVAR Compile Problem

Postby dingyichao » Tue May 17, 2016 9:06 pm

When I compile WRFDA 3.8 WITH 4DVAR,I have this problem

makefile:58: warning: overriding recipe for target `.f90.o'
../../configure.wrf:352: warning: ignoring old recipe for target `.f90.o'
rm -f da_wrfvar.exe
/nuist/public/RTTOV/lib/librttov11_coef_io.a(rttov_read_coefs.o): In function `rttov_read_coefs_':
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x244): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_is_hdf_open'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x25e): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_is_hdf_64bit_reals'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x26c): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_open_hdf'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0xf2e): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x123c): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_open_hdf'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x1543): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x15b2): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_close_hdf'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x2508): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x2714): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x2950): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x2b5a): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x2e50): undefined reference to `rttov_hdf_load_'
/nuist/public/RTTOV/lib/librttov11_coef_io.a(rttov_read_coefs.o):rttov_read_coefs.F90:(.text+0x318c): more undefined references to `rttov_hdf_load_' follow
/nuist/public/RTTOV/lib/librttov11_emis_atlas.a(mod_iratlas.o): In function `__mod_iratlas_MOD_rttov_uwiremis_init':
mod_iratlas.F90:(.text+0xd841): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_is_hdf_open'
mod_iratlas.F90:(.text+0xd85b): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_is_hdf_64bit_reals'
mod_iratlas.F90:(.text+0xd869): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_open_hdf'
mod_iratlas.F90:(.text+0xe781): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_open_hdf'
mod_iratlas.F90:(.text+0xf2da): undefined reference to `__rttov_hdf_mod_MOD_close_hdf'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

but I had to compiled RTTOV 11.3,and It tips compile sucess.
And i had to set te Export RTTOV
so i want to know what problem and how to solve this problem
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Re: WRFDA 3.8 4DVAR Compile Problem

Postby chprsandeep » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:48 pm

I am facing the same issue now with WRFDA 3.9 4DVAR compilation.

Any luck with your problem?
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Re: WRFDA 3.8 4DVAR Compile Problem

Postby chenjunwen » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:48 am

After ./configure wrfda edit configure.wrf.
Add "-L/usr/local/soft/hdf5-1102/lib -lhdf5_fortran -lhdf5 -lm -lz -lhdf5hl_fortran -lhdf5_hl -L/usr/local/soft/rttov-113/lib -lrttov11_test -lrttov11_other -lrttov11_mw_scatt -lrttov11_coef_io -lrttov11_hdf -lrttov11_parallel -lrttov11_main" to LIB_EXTERNAL, continue to ./compile all_wrfvar.
Worked with RTTOV 11.3 and WRFDA 4.0.
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