Problems running wrfpost on 30 minute cycle NMM

Questions relating to the use of the WRF Post Processor V3

Problems running wrfpost on 30 minute cycle NMM

Postby LindaWharton » Wed May 27, 2009 7:37 pm

When I run Version 3 of wrfpost.exe on WRF-NMM output on a 30 minute cycle, the time in the grib output files on full hours is correct. (0hr is an analysis, 1hr is a 1hr forecast, 2h is a 2hr forecast, etc)

The 0hr30min file comes out as an analysis, not a forecast.
The 1hr30min file comes out with a 1 minute forecast time.
The 2hr30min file comes out with a 2 minute forecast time.
The 3hr30minute file comes out with a 3 minute forecast time.
After that, all Xhr30minutes files have the correct forecast times in minutes.

My itag files that are directed into wrfpost.exe have the correct times for the actual files in hours and minutes.

Has anyone encountered this, and/or does anyone have a fix?


Linda Wharton
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