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Strange results from NOAH LSM for CLWRF

PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:42 pm
by thorsten
Dear colleagues,

I'm running CLWRF to simulate the regional climatology of the amazon basin with two domains at 10km and 50km resolution. Original version of CLWRF is 3.1 which I upgraded to 3.2. The model is driven with 6 hourly ECHAM5 data (with a 2.5ยบ resolution) for the control run and also for the AR4 A2 scenario. Each model is compiled with the intel compilers. The A2 scenario is running on a I7 hexacore and the control run on a Dell machine with two Xeon hexacores. Because the aim is to get some information about changes in the water balance I use NOAH LSM in both domains.

Checking the results of the control run for the surface runoff, maximum values for the whole domain are in the order of 10e-4. Rainc and rainnc is 0.0mm everywhere. For the control run I execute the model for each 6 hour interval and only store the last hour, so the values stored should be 6 hours accumulated. Even when I extend the interval to 24 hours, rain keeps being 0.0mm and SFROFF does not exceed 10e-4mm.

Codes and Registry are exactly the same for both, A2 and control runs.
Values for daily surface runoff derived from measurements are in the range of 0 to 10mm. The results of the A2 run behave well within an order of 10mm for 6 hours accumulated runoff and 6hour rain is up to 150mm, so the problem is with the control run.

For any idea what could be the cause for such a strange thing, many thanks!