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Does VEGPARM.TBL control wind and temperature calculation?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:51 pm
by yuzuoing

I am a WRF new comer, I am confused by computational procedure relate to wind speed/direction and
temperature(or other indexes) in wrfout. After reading WRFusersguide, I probably find they have close
relationships with TBL(LANDUSE.TBL, SOILPARM.TBL, VEGPARM.TBL) files which can be invoked by specific
scripts, right? Specifically, do parameters such as ALBEDO, Z0, SHDFAC and LAI in TBL involve in wind and
temperature calculation?

Any details will be available!


Re: Does VEGPARM.TBL control wind and temperature calculatio

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2019 11:15 am
by twhilton
Hi Fu,

ALBEDO and Z0 certainly influence temperature and wind direction indirectly, because they heavily influence the energy balance between the land surface and the atmosphere. SHDFAC and LAI would also influence this, though perhaps more indirectly.

The land surface model (NOAH, NOAH-MP, CLM, etc.) coupled to WRF (sf_surface_physics in namelist.input) will determine the details of those relationships and then pass latent and sensible heat fluxes back to WRF.

Section 5.3 of the CLM technical note (Oleson et al, 2004) describes the calculations in detail for CLM. I imagine the NOAH references ( must provide that sort of information for NOAH.

Hope that helps some,


Oleson, K. W., D. M. Lawrence, G. B, M. G. Flanner, E. Kluzek, P. J, S. Levis, S. C. Swenson, E. Thornton, J. Feddema, C. L. Heald, J.-F. Lamarque, G.-y. Niu, T. Qian, S. Running, K. Sakaguchi, L. Yang, X. Zeng, and X. Zeng (2010), Technical Description of version 4.0 of the Community Land Model (CLM), NCAR Tech. Note NCAR/TN-478+STR, doi:10.5065/D6FB50WZ.

Re: Does VEGPARM.TBL control wind and temperature calculatio

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:16 pm
by yuzuoing

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late response. Now I am acquiring information for CLM, I feel this shceme may be availalbe for my research.

24 Oct,2019