WRF / WRF-Chem Domain Size Confusion

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WRF / WRF-Chem Domain Size Confusion

Postby INdra2016 » Fri Aug 28, 2020 10:47 pm

Respected members,

I am willing to run WRF (3.9.1) / WRF-Chem (3.9.1) using a very large outer domain through a nested domain setup. The outer domain is nearly about 0 to 155 E and -25 to 87 N.

To all the experts, is it allowed to run a regional model like WRF or WRF-Chem in a global scale manner? Will all the Physics and Chemistry parameterizations and assumptions work fine if I simulate a regional model over nearly half of the world?

To all the developers, is there any restriction on choosing the domain size for a regional model like WRF or WRF-Chem? How much big a domain we could define in a regional model that will assume all parameterizations correctly?

I am unable to attach an image of my targeted domain. It is showing could not able to upload file. I am in a very conflicting situation. Please help me.
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