How do we decide the eta levels we should use?

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How do we decide the eta levels we should use?

Postby vijayan » Tue Mar 23, 2021 5:36 am

I am trying to set up WRF model and I would like to specify explicit eta levels. My study will primarily be focused on storms and the boundary layer, so ideally, I would like to have very high resolution upto 3 km altitude. I am using three domains of 9km, 3km and 1km resolutions, with two way nesting. I am unaware of any thumb rules we need to follow or factors we need to keep in mind while deciding the vertical levels. Can you please educate me about them and help me out?
Also, I was told that, in case we don't want to specify eta levels, the number of vertical levels needs to be
Height of model top/ (0.1*Resolution of innermost domain)
Can you please help me understand why this is the case?
My model top will be around 20km (50 hPa), so if I go by this rule, I will end up using 200 vertical levels. Please help me understand why it is necessary to have these many levels.
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