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Registry Issues

Postby dotykg » Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:27 pm

I have added a dimension and a new array and I am having compile problems. I have included the relevant code snippets below.


In file registry.dimspec:

dimspec nts_max - namelist=nts_max z nts_max

For this change I was not sure of the correct choice for the <Order> and <Coord-axis> columns. Here I have used “-“ and “z”, respectively.


In file Registry.EM_COMMON:

state integer nhts_beg {nts_max} misc 1 - - "NHTS_BEG" "TSKIN HOUR BEG" "beg tskin hour 0-24"

rconfig integer nts_max namelist,px_options max_domains 5 - "nts_max" "max tskin nudging instructions"


After doing clean –a and compile em_real I get this compile error message:

PGF90-S-0083-Vector expression used where scalar expression required (module_alloc_space_0.f90: 20609)

Code fragment in frame/module_alloc_space_0.f90:

num_bytes_allocated = num_bytes_allocated + &
((((model_config_rec%nts_max)-(1)+1))) * 4
if ( then
CALL wrf_error_fatal3("<stdin>",20613,&
'frame/module_domain.f: Failed to allocate grid%nhts_beg(1:model_config_rec%nts_max). ')

The line which begins with "num_bytes_allocated =" is line number 20609.


Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks,
Kevin Doty
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