Mpirun problem in WRF V4.0

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Mpirun problem in WRF V4.0

Postby akaratas » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:59 am


I get an error during wrf.exe with same namelist and same mpirun command after WRF update to version 4.0. In previous WRF versions I didn't get such an error. I want to run wrf.exe with more processors like 144 but it didn't allow that. Because it says that domain size is too small. The error message is as below.

" For domain 1 , the domain size is too small for this many processors, or the decomposition aspect ratio is poor.
Minimum decomposed computational patch size, either x-dir or y-dir, is 10 grid cells.
e_we = 150, nproc_x = 12, with cell width in x-direction = 12
e_sn = 108, nproc_y = 12, with cell width in y-direction = 9
--- ERROR: Reduce the MPI rank count, or redistribute the tasks. "

I want to remove or expand minimum decomposed computational patch size limitation. There are any suggestion about that? Thanks for replies :)
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Re: Mpirun problem in WRF V4.0

Postby ykaore » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:11 pm

I'm facing exactly the same error. Have you solved this problem? I guess we'll have to update WRF
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