WRF V3.9.1.1 slower than WRF V3.6.1

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WRF V3.9.1.1 slower than WRF V3.6.1

Postby thgian » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:03 pm

Dear WRF users,

I recently carried out two identical test simulations: one using version and one using version 3.6.1 of WRF. Surprisingly, in v3.9.1.1 the time-to-solution almost doubles compared to v3.6.1. The test simulations are identical: same domains, same physics, same dynamics, same initial/boundary conditions, same integration step. In addition, both versions have been compiled with the same optimisation options. The only thing that changes is the executable WRF.

In general, I would expect some difference in simulation speed between versions of WRF, but the doubling is really surprising!

Has anyone else noticed a similar behaviour?
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