Passing FFLAGS to WRF compile?

All things involving the setup (compiling, NetCDF, etc.) of the WRF Model itself.

Passing FFLAGS to WRF compile?

Postby msullivan-cornell » Sun Nov 15, 2020 7:15 pm

I'm doing some experimentation with compiling WRF on different compute architectures. It is very cumbersome to alter and experiment with the compile flags used within the completely non-standard (honestly rogue) compile scripts included with WRF.

It seemed like in old versions of WRF, I could easily pass extra compiler flags via FFLAGS / FCFLAGS environment variables. However, when I set these flags, it is clear from the compile logs that they are not being passed to gfortran while WRF is compiling using the included compile scripts.

What is the recommended way to add custom compiler flags while compiling WRF?
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