Error running workflow

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Error running workflow

Postby Remi » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:54 am


First off, let me congratulate you for this amazing program, WRF Portal really helped make my introduction to WRF easy!

I'm trying to configure WRF on a tropical cyclone case - Gael (Feb. 2009) - in the Indian Ocean. I've successfully gone through all the static definitions. I created a test case called "Gael_test" (I can be creative..) and managed a typical workflow.

Here's the log of the launch:

Launching WRF Tasks
Preparing to run workflow--using Internal (Java) Workflow Manager
Creating run dirs under /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/2009020600
Copying namelists and run scripts to /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_ungrib/namelist.wps...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_metgrid/namelist.wps...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_real/namelist.input...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_wrf/namelist.input...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_ungrib/def_ungrib.rb...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_metgrid/def_metgrid.rb...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_real/def_real.rb...
copying /home/montrotyr/WRF/OUT/Gael_test/static/def_wrf/def_wrf.rb...
Launching workflow...

I then get this error in a pop up window:

ogs/workflow.log (No such file or directory)

(I'm confused about the ogs part... I guess it's 'logs') but when I look at the logs directory in question, I have this:

[montrotyr@wrfdev logs]$ pwd
[montrotyr@wrfdev logs]$ ls -lrt
total 4
-rw-r--r-- 1 montrotyr montrotyr 0 Apr 8 15:46 def_ungrib_FYC.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 montrotyr montrotyr 4 Apr 8 15:46 def_ungrib_FYC.exitCode
[montrotyr@wrfdev logs]$ cat def_ungrib_FYC.exitCode

Not sure what this exit code relates to... or what I should do next!

Thanks for any help you can provide!

PS: System info :
A quadcore running CentOS 5.2, with WRF installed.
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