Why do not use wgrib/wgrib2 instead of ungrib?

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Why do not use wgrib/wgrib2 instead of ungrib?

Postby DRVTiny » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:48 am

Who can tell e why it is is so important to use ungrib.exe with WRF Domain Wizard? ungrib.exe is absolutely dummy utility that has no any support for command-line arguments and reads only files with predefined names. wgrib2 is very clever and flexible "multitool" with its own primitive command-line "language". I cant use ungrib otherwise than for WRF data preprocessing, but i use wgrib2/wgrib for all other grib-related parsing because of its simplicity and power.
So... why ungrib, can it be avoided and forgeted forever as a nightmare? :)
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