ungrib.log problem

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ungrib.log problem

Postby duvanzan » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:53 pm

Hello guys,

At first i run WRF perfectlly and got my output. I already plotted on Grads.

Unfortunatelly, i needed to run WRF again (cuz i now i need a bigger grid). I used the same namelist as in the first run and the same data, buy still not working! I am using WRF PORTAL (wizard) to do the geogrid, ungrib and metgrid because i am new at this and i think it's more friendly!

So Here is my new problem:
My geogrid works fine, but when i do the ungrib, it just stops in a randonlly date. There is not a message of error, the ungrib just frozen in a random prognostic.

The only thing that appears is:

Contents of /home/lammoc/DUDA/dominios_duda/new_grid/ungrib.log (see the attachment)

So i am not understanding what is going on! Because there isn't an error message, just this "content" text that show where my log is located!

Can someone help me?

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