Problems in the outputs of the WRF hydro model

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Problems in the outputs of the WRF hydro model

Postby sandraTHA » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:04 am

I would like you to help me, I am running the WRF hydro model in mode coupled to the WRF model, I have configured two domains in the 6 km parent domain and the 2 km son domain, the latter is centered in 3 watersheds. use the pre-processing tool to generate my input files to the wrf hydro model, in this tool enter a DEM of 12.5 meters, my stations points, and a shapefile of lagoons and aquifers. The resolution of the fine mesh is 100 meters My problem is after obtaining the outputs of the model for a month (daily runs), analyze the results and the model is predicting every day the same values, what could this be?
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