Extraction Problem - HRLDAS for the new WRF-Hydro

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Extraction Problem - HRLDAS for the new WRF-Hydro

Postby matsmithlondon1 » Wed May 01, 2013 12:45 pm

Hello, :)

I'm trying to set up a HRLDAS run with CFSR data and am currently extracting the forcing data fields as required. However, I am unclear about two things:

[*] HRLDAS requires a ZFile_template file -> how do I get this file? Is there any field in CFSR I can extract it from? The explanation in the HRLDAS user's guide says

"A file name template for building the full path name of the GRIB file which contains the model elevation field of the model or analysis package that supplies the temperature field. This file is needed to perform a height­based temperature adjustment from the temperature source model terrain elevation to the HRLDAS terrain elevation."

[*] Soil temperature as well as soil moisture are to be extracted for every single soil layer. How do I do this with CFSR data (can I use gribextract)?

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