forecast sensitivity to observations

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forecast sensitivity to observations

Postby twister » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:15 pm


I'm running "wrapper_run_fso_v3.3.ksh" that comes with the NCAR WRF FSO code. I have a "DATA_DIR" path set up, and also an "OB_DIR" set up as $DATA_DIR/ob with the ksh script. Under $DATA_DIR/ob, I have the specific directories for each run hour, ex., 2012020709, 2012020710, 2012020711, 2012020712, 2012020713, etc. (My analysis time is 2012020712, time_window_min is 2012020709, time_window_max is 2012020715.) So under $DATA_DIR/ob/2012020709, I have obs_gts_2012-02-07_09:00:00.4DVAR. All seems ok, but when I run wrapper_run_fso_v3.3.ksh, it spits out, "Error 2 opening gts obs file ob01.ascii". As a fix attempt, in that same dir I did a symbolic link of ob01.ascii to obs_gts_2012-02-07_09:00:00.4DVAR, but still get the error.

So the question is: Where do I create the ob01.ascii, ob02.ascii, etc. symbolic links, to the actual observation data files, so wrapper_run_fso_v3.3.ksh will see them?

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