Issues with CLM4 after second day of simulation

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Issues with CLM4 after second day of simulation

Postby Román-Cascón » Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:54 am

Dear all,

I am running simulations with WRF-ARW v4.1.3 with CLM4 as the land-surface model. The model runs OK without any apparent error. However, the outputs are not physically correct:

- The first day of the simulation (a full diurnal cycle) is OK for all the variables I have checked (SW, LW radiation, sfc fluxes, T2...).

- However, after the second simulated day, it seems that there is something strange in the time series, especially triggered by SWDOWN. SWDOWN is 0 W/m2 during the first night but then it seems that the sun is rising up with a delay of +4h . For the third day, it happens the same but with a delay of +7h... for the fourth day, the delay is +12h...while for the rest of the diurnal cycle everything seems normal. This leads to completely unrealistic simulations, since the absence of "sun" in the first hours of the morning leads to no energy to be used in the fluxes partitioning.

The problem is not related to clouds, the simulation with Noah runs without problem. I have a figure to show it but I cannot upload it here.

I wonder if there is some special option to be checked with CLM4 that I do not know. Or maybe this is a bug of CLM4 in this version of the model?

Thanks in advance!

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