Questions about mozbc adding boundary condition

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Questions about mozbc adding boundary condition

Postby Stella@88 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:40 pm

Hi All,

I am using WRF-Chem version 3.5 compiled in dmpar with gfortran. I choose chem_opt = 108 (RACM-MADE/VBS) and run mozbc for BCs and ICs.

My server recently got upgraded and this caused the system removed everything on it. I have to rebuild everything I did before including the installation of WRF-Chem and other modules. However, I have trouble with compiling the model until I modified the module_cu_g3.F as below:

integer, allocatable :: seed(:)
integer :: seed_size

call random_seed(size=seed_size) ! Get size of seed array.
allocate(seed(1:seed_size)) ! Allocate according to returned

if( allocated(seed) ) then
deallocated( seed )

I use exactly the same input data and setting on my latest run but receive different simulation results when compared with my previous works. The simulation showed overpredicting in PM2.5 but leave the ozone close to the original result. It also showed that something went wrong when I add the boundary using mozbc. I suspect the overpredicting may relate to the changes in the module_cu_g3.F because I got reasonable results of PM2.5 previously (before my server was upgraded) where I used the same configuration to run the simulation. The only difference is the modified module_cu_g3.F in my model this time.

Would anyone kindly give me some suggestions on this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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