plotting spatial varaition statistics-WRF-3DVAR

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plotting spatial varaition statistics-WRF-3DVAR

Postby madhulatha » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:03 pm

Hi all

I have run the WRF using WRF-3DVAR assimilation.
I would like to plot spatial variation statistics of deviation of the analysis from observation and background
from the WRF-3DVAR run output.
Using the statistics file generated during the model run i have plotted O-A and O-B (mean values)
But in the statistics file i did not find O-A and O-B files spatially.
Observations can be available at random points and analysis and background will be available over the model domain then how to show spatial variation of statistics, is there any intermediate file which give spatial variation of statistics.

Please provide necessary information.
Thanks in advance.

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