A question about the color index

The RIP4 graphics package.

A question about the color index

Postby atmoshh.chen » Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:24 am

sorry for my troubling.
I found a problem with my plotting color with RIP4. Beg for some help... :cry: :cry:
my ".in" file for plotting is here:
and my color table is below:
I defined the RGB in color table to fill the contour..for example, You can see when the Precipitation is over 50mm, below 100mm, the contour should be dark blue and the RGB should be (0,0,225). But the output is not right.
The color for [50,100] seems more like purple, not blue. It's so strange... Why this happend? How to solve this problem?

Is there anyone can give some suggestion? I appreciate a lot for your kind help. :P
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