Calculation of CAPE in RIP

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Calculation of CAPE in RIP

Postby sstolaki » Tue Dec 17, 2019 4:55 am

Hi everyone! I am searchin for the formula/script that is used by RIP in order to calculate Convective available potential energy (CAPE) in cap3 function. I have read that RIP code uses something akin to Colman's MCAPE but I cannot find any reference to the latter MCAPE. Actually,according to NCL's documentation, this formula is also used in the wrf_cape_2d function of ncl which I am also trying to use.

Could anyone shed some light on this RIP issue?

My goal is to compare its values with CAPE calculated by another program for a comparison.

Many thanks in advance.

Stavroula Stolaki
Meteorological Applications Centre
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