Introduction to MeteoExplorer

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Introduction to MeteoExplorer

Postby leonard » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:43 pm

Dear all,
I'd like to introduce the MeteoExplorer software and hope it would be helpful to your research and work.

MeteoExplorer (ME) is a cross-platform software for analyzing and rendering atmospheric science and geoscience data. It supports popular data formats including WMO GRIB1/GRIB2, NetCDF, GrADS, and MICAPS, and provides basic GIS functionalities. Developed with C++, MeteoExplorer targets multiple computing platforms including Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux, and SGI IRIX operating systems.

Technical Advantages (top 5 reasons to choose ME)

1. Cross-platform support
Native support for Windows, Linux, and Irix operating system, you can get your work done on your favorite platform

2 High performance
- Developed with native C++;
- Low system resource requirements;
- Fast startup;
- Hardware acceleration rendering with OpenGL.

3 Vector graphics output at your fingertip
Thanks to our cutting-edge rendering engine, you can export screen content as vector graphics image and paste it into your document or presentation.

4 Objective analysis everywhere
MeteoExplorer provides advanced objective analysis method that meets the requirements of real-world operation. Isolines of analytical field not only agree well with observatory data, but are as elegantly smooth as those manually drawn by forecasters.

5 Support all popular meteorological data formats.
MeteoExplorer supports commonly used data formats including WMO GRIB1/GRIB2, NetCDF, GrADS, and MICAPS (1,2,3,4,14), and hopes to free users from chores of processing data.

Features List
l Graphics layer management (navigation and animation);
l Objective analysis of physical elements in surface or upperair soundings data;
l Isoline analysis and shading of grid field;
l Streamline analysis of wind field;
l Computation of physics elements;
l NetCDF data process and display;
l GRIB1/GRIB2 data process and display;
l GrADS data process and display;
l MICAPS data process and display;
l Satellite nephogram data display and animation, support AWX, GPF and HDF format;
l Interactive composition of synoptic chart (command undo/redo, automatic save);
l Meso-scale synoptic analysis;
l Creation of cross-section graphics;
l Map zoom, pan, projection and clipping;
l Full screen display and zoom to area;
l Quick navigation via thumbnail view of graphics layers;
l Save screen shot as image file (support formats: BMP, JPG, PNG);
l Vector graphics exported to clipboard or saved as EMF file (Windows version only);
l System configuration (dynamic menu);
l Fast switch of user interface language on the fly.

System Requirements

l Supported operating systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8;
Redhat Linux 5/6;
SGI Irix 6.5.

l Processor for data analysis:

Intel Core 2 1.5GHz on PC;
MIPS R16000A 800MHz on SGI Workstation.

l Graphics card:

OpenGL rendering mode: support OpenGL 1.2 or later.
Direct3D rendering mode: support DirectX 9 or later

If you are interested, please visit MeteoExplorer website for more information.
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