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MeteoInfo software

Postby aerosol » Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:04 am

Hello everyone:

I recently developed a free software MeteoInfo for meteorological data view and analysis. I hope it could be useful to you. Any comment and suggestion are welcome.

Download website:

MeteoInfo is a free software designed to view and analysis the
meteorological data interactively. It is not just a plotting package,
attribute data were also created when creating meteo-data figure. GIS
conceptions were used in this software. Most GIS functions were
developed from ground level (not depend on any other GIS component or
library). It was developed with C# in Microsoft .Net environment.
MeteInfo could be run in Windows with .NetFramework 3.5, or in UNIX
like systems with Mono.

Supported meteorological data formats:
•GrADS binary grid and station data
•NetCDF grid data
•GRIB edition 1 and 2 data
•ARL packed meteorological data
•HYSPLIT model output data: concentration, particle and trajectory
•METAR data (special for the cycle METAR data of NOAA, )
•NOAA ISH data
•Lon/Lat Station ASCII data
•MICAPS 1,3, 4, 7, 11 and 13 format data
•ASCII Grid data
•Surfer Grid data
•AWX satellite data

Supported Map and Image Data:
•ESRI shape file with point, polyline or polygon shape type. Projected
shape file was not supported at present.
•Geographic map data of GrADS.
•Geographic map data of MICAPS.
•wmf map data. (Can be created by ‘Output Map Data’ function in MeteoInfo)
•Normal Image data: Bmp, Jpg, Gif, Tiff

Plot options of grid data:
•Grid Fill
•Grid Point

Plot options of station data:
•Station Point
•Weather Symbol
•Station Model
•Station Info

Plot options of line data (trajectory, typhoon, etc):
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Re: MeteoInfo software

Postby aerosol » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:31 am

MeteoInfo has been re-developed using Java for better cross-platform and using Unidata Java netCDF library. The Java version is freely avaliable at It can be run on any systems (Linx, Unix, MacOS, Windows) with Java 6 or better pre-installed. Jython or Groovy script engines are coupled, so the jobs such as complex analysis and automatic plot can be done with the script programs.

The netCDF data with WRF convensions are supported.
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