ARW Post to convert netcdf to vis5d

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ARW Post to convert netcdf to vis5d

Postby hnlim » Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:12 pm


I have compiled ARWpost with vis5d+ beta 1.3.0 and generated the ARWpost.exe.

I had modified the namelist file to test convert 1 wrfout file from netcdf to v5d format.

When I have the option plot set to "all", the following error message came up
ERROR: ERROR: plot ALL not currently supported for VIS5D

When I changed plot option to "list", i get the following
About to create v5d file
Error: unitialized varname(1)
ERROR: v5dCreate

My technical computing personnel wasn't sure how to rectify this either.

Has anyone encounter this problem before?

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