Specifying the Finest Domain

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Specifying the Finest Domain

Postby idconnelly » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:57 pm

Hey ya'll,
I'm currently trying to establish four domains with the finest domain specifically focused on Portland, OR. I have the coordinates for Portland set as the Standard Lon as well as the Centerpoint Lon and Lat. I have been creating child domains according to the 1:3 ratio. However, I have been reading that it is best practice to keep the domain edges away from steep topography. Being the Pacific Northwest, trying to avoid steep topography has become quite the endeavor. I believe that I have adjusted the inner two domains properly to account for the local topography (I am working with 4 domains), but I seem to have the issue of Domain Wizard not zooming in far enough to be able to actually specify where I want the edges of my finest domain. The domain is focused on Portland's coordinates since I have them set as the Centerpoint Lon and Lats, but I have no way of knowing if the domain is encompassing the areas surrounding Portland that I would like to include.

Does anyone have any advice for fine-tuning domains? Following this, advice for best practice of domains seems very far and few between and it seems like a lot of the literature (i.e. Nehrkorn et al. 2013) that uses WRF to model an area just picks a single parent domain and automatically use the 1:3 ratio to obtain the child domains; is this what I should be doing?

Any advice is welcomed, I seem to be at a loss here.
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