The Method of Geogrid.exe input Landuse Data

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The Method of Geogrid.exe input Landuse Data

Postby Yu-Tzu » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:42 am

Dear all,

In the GEOGRID.TABLE, there are just some different interpolated and averaged methods for landuse data input.
But how about the method like dominated or mosaic which described in some papers and articles published by Noah?

What I am confused is, while we use the interpolated and averaged methods, we will get the value calculated by these numerical methods.
*For example, using "Simple four-point average interpolation" with USGS 24-categories:
→F(x,y) = (a11+a12+a21+a22)/4
→F(x,y) = (1[=urban]+1[=urban]+16[=water bodies]+16[=water bodies])/4
→F(x,y) = "Shrub Land"
But actually, the value is not exist in the raw landuse data!
So, does it mean we will input the wrong land type in our WRF-model simulation?
Furthermore, whether I turn on the "mosaic" in WRF namelist can correct this problem?

Thank you for your reply! :)
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