Use of MERRA-2 and GEOS-5 datasets in WRF

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Use of MERRA-2 and GEOS-5 datasets in WRF

Postby INdra2016 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:26 am

Respected Members,

I am trying to use GEOS-5 model simulated results and MERRA-2 reanalysis datasets as initial and lateral boundary conditions for meteorology in WRF model. I am unable to find out the process to use any of these datasets available in netCDF format as a meteorological input file in WPS program.

I have tried to use GEOS2WRF and MERRA2WRF 2.0 software ( to process the netCDF data files and prepare the intermediate files required to run the metgrid program but ultimately end up with lots of errors.

I have also tried by replacing the variable values in the "met_em" files to implement the GEOS-5 and MERRA-2 meteorology in the WRF model but in that process model crashes in the first time step without showing any error message.

It will be very helpful for me if any member could kindly suggest me any possible way of using GEOS-5 and MERRA-2 netCDF formatted meteorological input files in the WRF model. Any help regarding GEOS2WRF and MERRA2WRF 2.0 software will also be very helpful to me.

For any kind of clarification regarding my submitted query please feel free to contact me anytime. I am looking forward to your kind response.

With Regards
Indranil Nandi
Junior Research Fellow (JRF)
IIT Delhi, India.
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Re: Use of MERRA-2 and GEOS-5 datasets in WRF

Postby carsonbn » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:54 pm

Hi there,

Were you able figure out how to utilize the MERRA-2 and GEOS-5 datasets? Thanks and good luck!
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