USGS 24 category land use for the year 1992

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USGS 24 category land use for the year 1992

Postby hpn » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:33 am

Dear All,
I am running HRLDAS over Indian region for generating regional soil moisture and soil temperature dataset. The HRLDAS uses land use and vegetation fraction information from and wrfinput_d01 file which we get from WRF-WPS system. The WPS uses default land use from USGS 24 category land use (which is updated with time). The recent land use data available is probably valid for 2013 to till date. However, I need USGS 24 category land use valid for the year 1992 to 2003 in 5-6 yearly time frequency to update land use information realistically in HRLDAS. Can anybody suggest me where can I get the old (1992 to 2003 ) USGS 24 category land use dataset. Your help is very much essential for the aforementioned research work. I request for your kind help.

With best regards
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