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Prescribing SMOIS in restart file

PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:42 pm
by JamesH
Hi all,

I am performing sensitivity tests to soil moisture using the Noah LSM scheme by writing in different SMOIS values halfway through my simulations. However, the model overwrites my prescribed values after 1 timestep.

For example, I will write a value of 0.25 to the rst file across all 4 of my soil levels, but after 1 timestep, this is changed to 0.20. I've set the SMOIS values for the preceeding wrfout* files to 1. Using the summer USGS tables already within WRF, I've set LU_INDEX=IVGTYP=1, and ISLTYP=6. I'm not sure where the model gets 0.20 from, as there is nothing within the land, vegetation, or soil tables to indicate that soil moisture corresponds to 0.2 for any of those indices, at least not that I'm aware of. Additionally, this problem only occurs when I write to the rst files; I have no problems with the model overwriting SMOIS when I initialize it in wrfinput_d*.

Does anyone know why I'm unable to write in my own SMOIS values? Or could anyone provide insight as to how soil moisture is calculated within the LSM?