Running WRF-SCM with other surface physics options.

Anything related to the idealized simulations in WRF.

Running WRF-SCM with other surface physics options.

Postby afcbridger » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:24 pm

I am running WRF-SCM (single column model), version 3.9.

The supplied code is hard-wired for sf_surface_physics = 2, the NOAH scheme.

When I try with another option (say, 1), I get an error message, and when I dig into module_initialize_ideal, I find that there is a line which states that I must edit the input_soil data file in the test/em_scm_xy directory. This makes complete sense.

However, I am unable to find ANY directions or instructions or even hints as to what edits are needed! For example, with option "2", the code expects 4 layers and certain input data. With option "1", the code expects 5 layers and less input data - but what data and in what format??

Any hints on where I can find this type of information would be appreciated!

In the REAL cases, I assume that the WPS package generates any/all required input data, but the IDEAL cases are more hands-on!
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