Creating initial conditions to run with ROMS

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Creating initial conditions to run with ROMS

Postby mfoceanografia » Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:12 pm

Hi all,

it's my first time using WRF, my idea is to use COAWST in the future for my project which is an Idealized model for Ocean Acidification. So basically, I am running ROMS and forcing in the atmosphere with winds, swrd, lwrd, cloud fraction and precipitation from a buoy. Thus, I was wondering how to create an input data for wrf so it can give to me all the variables that I need for my ocean model. Also, I already compiled WRFV3 and WPS and I have all the *.exe that the user's guide says to have.

Could anyone plz help me with the rest? I'm in the meantime trying by myself this too.

Thank you a lot,

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