Idealized (Edited Quarter SS) Wind Drift

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Idealized (Edited Quarter SS) Wind Drift

Postby srdfrn » Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:40 pm

Hi all,

I am trying to run a set of idealized simulations using the 3D quarter supercell case framework. However, I just want a very simplified environment. So, I have removed the thermal perturbation and trajectory from the module initialization (commenting out the trajectory and setting RAD = 2.), have added a pointer to the LANDUSE.TBL file and am running things over a water surface, and have a static Coriolis force of 1e-4 (pert_coriolis turned on). Most physics in the namelist are turned off for right now. I have a neutral boundary layer and am forcing with a purely zonal wind profile (however, my initial conditions have northwesterly winds). Additionally, I am looking at a nested domain that has boundary conditions interpolated down from its parent. The parent has open radiative boundary conditions.

I am seeing some strange results. Over the course of about a day, the winds shift from northwesterly to southwesterly and then back again. Is anyone out there familiar with this particular idealized case, and knows if I am missing anything in my edits of the module physics? Or, has anyone seen something like this before in their simulations and know what causes it?

Thanks so much!
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