Ndown needs initialisation data

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Ndown needs initialisation data

Postby WRFinOz » Thu Sep 30, 2021 8:13 am

If I have already run WRF down to a resolution of say 3 km, and I then decide that I want to do a one way nest to 1km, I understand from the user guide that I need to run geogrid, metgrid, real and then ndown before WRF.

Given that I need to run metgrid, am I correct in understanding that I need the initialisation data (GFS / ERA5) or similar to complete this step? The reason being that I'd prefer to nest down to 3km and keep the data then only go down to 1 km where needed and I'd rather not have to store all of the GFS / ERA5 data as well as the output data just in case. Is there any way for example to use the WRFOUT files from an even larger grid to generate the met_em files?

Many thanks.
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