RDA data for WRF in air dispersion modelling

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RDA data for WRF in air dispersion modelling

Postby alycest » Sun May 26, 2019 4:19 am


I am trying to develop a best practise for using WRF in relation to developing met data for air dispersion modelling purposes. We generally use the air dispersion models AERMOD & CALPUFF.

For air dispersion modelling, the met file is usually the most representative met year out of the past five years. Ideally, the spacing of grid points (from the final WRF domain) would be a distance of 100 - 500m over a 20 x 20 km grid. Met runs will predominately be for Australian sites.

Considering the representative yr, and the fine grid spacing, which would be a better option for the met data?

-NCEP FNL data are on 0.25-degree by 0.25-degree grids; or
-NCEP Reanalysis data which is 2.5 by 2.5 degree grid.

I'm leaning towards the NCEP reanalysis data as it is the longest running reanalysis, and we are looking to represent the actual climate. However the FNL data being 0.25 degree resolution is very handy.

Any thoughts/experiences for similar uses for WRF and generating met data would be great to hear.

Thanks you
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