WRF-CLM namelist num_soil_layers settings

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WRF-CLM namelist num_soil_layers settings

Postby twhilton » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:25 pm


I'm aware that the CLM surface physics option uses 10 soil layers, as opposed to 4 for NOAH. It's not clear to me from the documentation where (if anywhere) I need to change my namelist files for CLM, or where interpolation from the number of soil layers in the driver data to 10 for CLM takes place (in WPS or within WRF).

WPS produces output with 4 soil layers, which makes sense because my driver data (NCEP dataset 83.2) have 4 layers. Do I need to tell WPS to produce 10 layers if I'm planning to use CLM?

For WRF, I have num_soil_layers set to 4 in namelist.input because WPS produced input with 4 soil layers. Should this be set to 10 for CLM? The table on p. 5-85 of WRF4.0 documentation kind of suggests it should.

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