Error executing wrf.exe

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Error executing wrf.exe

Postby sreyashi_wrfchem » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:07 am

I am trying to run a simulation for 10 days using MOZCART chemistry option in WRF-Chem version (chem_opt = 112) over the Indian along with south-east Asian region with three domains; the resolution of the outermost domain being 18 kms followed by 6 kms and 2 kms (innermost) respectively. On finding some initial errors in the namelist.input, I have corrected emiss_opt to 8, seas_opt to 2 and dust_opt to 3 after going through the user guide. Presently, while executing wrf.exe I am encountering the error which states that "cloud chemistry option requires chem_opt 8 through 13 or 31 to 36 or 41 to 43 or 109 to function".

Can anybody please explain what does this mean and help me out in rectifying this error?
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