Idealized diurnal cycle boundary conditions

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Idealized diurnal cycle boundary conditions

Postby MihaelP » Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:00 pm


I would like to create a 2 day simulation of a diurnal cycle. It would be run as an ideal cae with a flat surface with a certain surface roughness length. I have problems setting up the f-plane with the corresponding Coriolis parameter set to specific lat long coordinates. Additionally, the simulation should be forced through prescribing a 2 day temperature skin surface profile. What is the way to implement this in WRF? Would you have any suggestion how should I approach the above mentioned problems in an idealized case environment. Thank you !


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Re: Idealized diurnal cycle boundary conditions

Postby cdomingu » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:45 pm


First of all you have to choose an idealized case specific.
For example seabreeze2d_x

module_initializate_seabreeze2d_x.F file, you can modify the terms associated with the Coriolis force
grid% sina (i, j) = 0.5
grid% thing (i, j) = 0.8660
grid% e (i, j) = 0.00012596
grid% f (i, j) = 0.0000722722
xlat grid% (i, j) = 30.
XLong grid% (i, j) = -113.5

and set surface temperature of the sea.

XL and grid% (i, j) = 1.
% lu_index grid (i, j) = 18
tsk grid% (i, j) = 280.0
tmn grid% (i, j) = 280.0
XL and grid% (i, j) = 2.
% lu_index grid (i, j) = 16
tsk grid% (i, j) = 287.0
tmn grid% (i, j) = 280.0

In my case, after 36 hours of simulation solutions they are very unstable.
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