Volcanic Ash Module

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Volcanic Ash Module

Postby joesko » Sun May 06, 2012 9:07 pm


I am hoping to use the "volcanic ash-fall and concentration only" (chem_opt=400) with WRF/Chem v3.4 to simulate an emission of a spherical particulate cloud. I can see where I can modify bin size and particle density in module_vash_settling.f, but I guess I'm not clear on how this module is used and I'm having serious trouble finding documentation on how I would go about using it (before I even start trying to modify it). How is the "volcanic emission" initialized in terms of location, mass, duration, etc.?

I'm fairly comfortable with WRF at this point, but WRF/Chem is still mostly foreign to me despite a good bit of reading. I'm basically trying to insert a particulate cloud into an other wise WRF-non-chem simulation in order to predict wet deposition / scavenging (<-- does this modules predict this?) and dry deposition / settling of that particulate. I want to define a particulate source and use WRF as a transport and dispersion (T&D) model with in-line aerosol-cloud-climate feedbacks.

Because of (research) time considerations, I need to bypass learning how to use all the amazing chem reaction and biogenic emission features of WRF/Chem for now and figure out how to plug in my dull "dirt" particulate cloud into a WRF run.

I'm also going to use NCAR graphics to plot that deposition, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Any help/thoughts/direction greatly appreciated!
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Re: Volcanic Ash Module

Postby dingwell » Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:35 am

This post is quite old but the question is relevant for me as well, did you find an answer joesko? Perhaps someone else has something to fill in?
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