Kf scheme error

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Kf scheme error

Postby cloudedintexas » Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:44 pm

I received the following error when attempting to initialize an ensemble that perturbs the wrfinput and wrfbdy files to run wrf.exe. There error is below:

Timing for main: time 2011-05-19_18:02:30 on domain 1: 1.47825 elapsed seconds
Timing for main: time 2011-05-19_18:05:00 on domain 1: 0.58651 elapsed seconds
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------

After setting a higher debug_level, to 1000, it appears the wrf run is failing in the kf cumulus scheme driver. However, I'm not sure what I need to change as I am not sure what the error is actually telling me. I have changed time steps, cudt times, and still receive the error.

Oddly, if I am not initializing the ensemble, i.e. perturbing the input and bdy files, wrf will run just fine off of the normal wrfinput and wrfbdy files.

Any help would be much appreciated
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