litte advise about tprec, theat etc

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litte advise about tprec, theat etc

Postby mino98 » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:52 pm

Hi everybody, I currently run WRF-NMM (2km resolution) with a 3h step, so in my namelist.input tprec = 3.
But here is the rest of the default file:
theat = 6,
tclod = 6,
trdsw = 6,
trdlw = 6,
tsrfc = 6,

Why are they each 6 hours? Should I set them to 3?

And now the most important part: if I decided to set a 1h-step, tprec should be obviously set to 1 hour; but what about theat, tclod, etc.? Should I set them too to 1?

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