Shallow Convection

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Shallow Convection

Postby Basit » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:44 am

I want to simulate shallow convection (wet and dry) along the sea-breeze front. I am using wrf 3.5.1 in a nested grid configuration with the highest resolution gird of 500 m while i have turned off cumulus physics so that model should resolve vertical fluxes explicitly. I have two questions;

a) Is this grid resolution i.e. 500 m appropriate to capture shallow convective process.
b) There are two options for shallow convection, first is ishallow which is used with cumulus parametrization and second is shallow convection option that is shcu_physics.

I wonder what shcu_physics actually does? is it a substitute to cu_physics and what difference it will make compared to the one with explicitly resolved vertical fluxes? I ran two test simulations with and without shcu_physics (cu_physics = 0 in both sims) and did not find any difference. Secondly is it necessary to use this scheme with YSU PBL only? I also used Mellor-Yamada and the model ran fine without any stability issues.

I would appreciate if any of the wrf physics expert could respond on this.

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Re: Shallow Convection

Postby nepomuzem » Thu May 14, 2015 2:39 am

As far as I know shcu_physics is for Shallow convective schemes and cu_physics is for deep convective schemes, I hope it helps.
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