How to output qndrop with different chem_opt?

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How to output qndrop with different chem_opt?

Postby wangb » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:35 am

Hi everyone:
I am running wrf3.4.1 coupled with chem3.4.1 and I want to output the varible:qndrop(vapor drop number),so I set progn=1, chem_opt=0 and mp_physics = 2 in namlist,and the value will be output . While if i use other chem_opt like chem_opt=300,the value will always be zero from wrfoutput**** file,I also tyied to run wrf3.4.1 alone in the same as ablove setting in order to output qndrop, while the result is also zero whatever chem_opt is .I really don't konw what's the matter,any suggestion will be appreciated! Thanks.

Wang Bin
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