PBL Problems

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PBL Problems

Postby melino33 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:22 am

I am running a 17km CONUS WRF simulation but occasionally there seems to be issues with 2 meter temperatures. This problem usually appears as a large area of excess surface heating and appears to be a result of something going haywire in the MYNN PBL scheme. There seems to be very large negative values of TKE (not really sure how that is possible) over the Northeast along with a very low PBL height ( ~300 meters). This region corresponds quire well with the region of enhanced surface heating across much of New York. Attached are the graphics from the run!

Graphics from one of the simulations --->>

PBL Height:


Physics Namelist:

mp_physics = 9, 9,
ra_lw_physics = 4, 4,
ra_sw_physics = 4, 4,
radt = 17, 17,
sf_sfclay_physics = 5, 5,
sf_surface_physics = 2, 2,
bl_pbl_physics = 5, 5,
bldt = 0, 0,
cu_physics = 14, 14,
cudt = 0, 0,

Thanks !!
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Re: PBL Problems

Postby rbullock » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:11 pm

I am seeing the same thing where 2-meter temperature jumps up for no apparent reason, then settles down to a value similar to the surrounding model grid cells. I first noticed this after generating climate diagnostic output for the first time. The climate diagnostics show the max/min/mean values for temperature, humidity, wind, etc., during each output interval. The max temps in that output show lots of these "positive temperature excursions". The only time you see them in the regular wrfout files is when these excursions happen at the top of the hour. My history interval is one hour. Yours may vary.

Anyhow, I'm starting to look into this. Any previous findings in this regard would be most appreciated.
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