question about Grenier-Bretherton-Macaa scheme

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question about Grenier-Bretherton-Macaa scheme

Postby amy1086 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:22 am

Hi, guys,
i intend to try GBM PBL scheme (Grenier-Bretherton-Macaa, new package in version3.5). i am a little confused when looking at the code in module_bl_gbmpbl:
CALL GBM2D(J,U3D(ims,kms,j),V3D(ims,kms,j),T3D(ims,kms,j).........)

U3D is a three dimensional array defined by
REAL, DIMENSION( ims:ime, kms:kme, jms:jme ) , NTENT(IN ) :: U3D,

this call seems to pass a number of variables at fixed point, but in subroutine the corresponding arguments are defined as 2D arrays,

REAL, DIMENSION( ims:ime, kms:kme ) , INTENT(IN ) :: U2D,

Is that ok? Anybody familiar with this PBL scheme?
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