Need insight on WRF Physics Schemes

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Need insight on WRF Physics Schemes

Postby Phoenix83 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:47 pm

I am very new to working with and understanding all the many facets of WRF and was hoping someone could point me the right way in terms of research or where I could find the info I need.

I am working on trying to determine what WRF Physics Schemes I have to have to run WRF for a variety of industries. My focus is on Renewable Energy, Transportation, Low-Level Flight(Drones), and Agricultural. At first glance, to me, these make sense.

Single moment 6-class microphysics
Eta microphysics
Purdue Lin microphysics
Stony-Brooke U 5-class microphysics
Kessler Microphysics
Dudhia shortwave
Goddard microphysics

My goal is to focus on the modules/schemes I have to have and filter out those that would not be needed or do not best serve the model in focusing on these areas. However, I am really not sure if I am capturing everything I would need or if I need to break it down by each individual category. Any guidance from a more experienced hand would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.
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Re: Need insight on WRF Physics Schemes

Postby gauravtiwari » Wed May 10, 2017 1:23 pm

I am looking for "mean sea level pressure" variable in wrfout*.nc file but unfortunately I didn't find it.
Please let me know how to get the value for model calculated mslp in wrfout file.

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