Different surface wind dynamisc for the same configurations

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Different surface wind dynamisc for the same configurations

Postby jcfiguero » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:07 pm

I am running WRF-ARW 3.61, with 12 km of spatial resolution for an area of 17x30 degrees with the Golf of Mexico in the center. The namelist.input is attached, basically I am running 3 experiments with different time periods:

A: 15 days simulation with 5 days spinup,
B: 1 month simulation with 1 month spinup
C: 3 years simulation with 1 month spinup.

I am interested in winds at 10 meters for wave simulations, so the wind direction is also important. The problem is that I am getting different wind fields (magnitude and direction) for coincident time periods. In the simulation C I am getting a delay of weeks in a couple of hurricanes, all the outputs were compared with the NOAA buoys.

Does any one in the forum could advice for better parameters in the namelist file?.

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