10m wind speed, 2 minute mean every hour

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10m wind speed, 2 minute mean every hour

Postby piyushnz » Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:33 pm


I am running WRF 3.6.1. I need the 10m wind speed averaged for two minutes calculated hourly in order to validate against observations. How do I output this value using the output_diagnostics settings? Note if possible I don't want to output all 2 minute mean values, just one every hour. My time step is about 20sec if that helps.

I also have two other related questions:

Is the maximum wind speed for some time period equivalent to gust speed?

I was wondering how does WRF exactly calculate the U10 and V10 variables from the staggered U and V grids? That is, what is the interpolation (or other) routine used?

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