WRF Meter Grid

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WRF Meter Grid

Postby wintermute » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:37 am

Hi all,

I'm currently try to work with the new release of WRF-FLEXPART (V3) which can set the releases of particles and the output grid either on the WRF projection or on regular latitude-longitude grid.

My doubt arises from the fact that, if the WRF projection is chosen, the values should be in meters, but in the WRF output there's no information on the computational grid.

Is there a way to have information on the WRF computational metrical grid?

The alternative could be setting flexpart for using regular latitude-longitud grid and using values from XLONG/XLAT as inputs, but that will work only if the WRF simulation has been run with the "lat-lon" projection option, otherwise the aforementioned XLONG/XLAT variables will be represented in a different projection: is that right or am I missing some informations?
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