Inconsistent results from restarting wrf.exe

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Inconsistent results from restarting wrf.exe

Postby jiye » Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:47 pm


I am running wrf 3.3.1 with ncep reanalysis-2 data to generate high resolution fields for a region. I am supprised to notice that a restarted run gives inconsistent results. For example, after getting the results for 2001.01.01 to 2002.01.01, I restarted wrf from 2001.12.01 by setting the restart parameter to true in namelist.input. I anticipated that the outputs for 2001.12.01_03:00:00 from the two runs be the same, but the are not. The largest difference between T2 can be as large as 2 degrees. Isn't this abnormal?. Has anyone done a similar test?

I would appreciate anyone pointing out what I may have done wrong.
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